Eclipse Phase Rules Wiki

A wide range of weapons are available in Eclipse Phase, from the primitive to the technologically advanced.

Brand Name Weapons[]

The weapons listed in this book define generic samples of each weapon. Gamemasters are encouraged to offer brand name versions of each weapon, each with its particular idiosyncrasies and small variations. For example, a Direct Action A30 SMG might lack a semi-automatic setting but come equipped with an extra ammo capacity of 35. Likewise, a Medusan Arms Longinus sniper rifle may inflict an extra +2 damage but have an AP of only –12.

Combined Arms[]

Similarly, many of the weapons listed here are available as combined arms weapons systems. A police-issue assault rifle may also feature a stunner—all built into the same weapon. For combined arms, simply add together the individual weapon component costs.

Ranged Weapons[]

Ranged weapons are guns, lasers, or launchers used in ranged combat. They are divided by the skill be which they are used.

Kinetic Weapon[]

Kinetic weapons damage the target by firing a hard impact projectile at high-velocities.

Seeker Weapons[]

Seekers are a combination of automatic grenade launcher, micromissile, coilgun, and smart munitions technology. Unlike traditional launchers of the past, miniaturization allows the manufacture of seeker micromissile launchers in personal weapon sizes.

Beam Weapons[]

Beam weapons is a broad category for a number of electromagnetic weapons with a wide range of effects. With a few exceptions, energy weapons are primarily used for less-than-lethal purposes, designed to impair the target rather than kill it.

Spray Weapons[]

Spray weapons blast their ammunition outwards in a widening cone, allowing them to strike several targets at once.

Exotic Ranged Weapons[]

These weapons are either rare or distinctly separate from other weapons types.

Smart Ammunition[]

Smart ammunition takes advantage of nanotechnology to produce bullets that can alter their flight path, home in the target, and correct aim.

Kinetic Ammunition[]

Ammunition is defined by its various types (standard, gel, APDS, etc.) and by the class of gun (light pistol, heavy pistol, SMG, etc.).

Melee Weapons[]

Melee weapons are those wielded by hand (or foot) in melee combat. They are divided by the skill be which they are used.


Sharp Edged weapons designed for cutting through various materials that are living and not.


Bludgeoning devices that pound objects into pulp.


The use of fists, gloves, and even claws in combat.

Exotic Melee Weapons[]

Unique weapons that require unique skills to use.

Weapon Accessories[]

Attachments that can modify the functionality of weapons.

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