Humanity as a concept has been replaced with Transhumanity. Most people now alive left Earth as infomorphs and were subsequently resleeved into new morphs. Bodies are things that can be modified and replaced, much as someone can alter or exchange a suit of clothing. Identity is centered in the mind, which can exist as a disembodied infomorph living in virtual worlds or dwelling in a vast array of strange and exotic morphs. While there are bioconservatives who resist these many changes to identity and physicality, they are very much in the minority.

To most people, transhumanity has also been expanded in scope to factor in non-human persons such as AGIs and uplifts, though the rights and status of these sentients is sometimes contested. As transhumans continue to absorb the ramifications of this new way of life, they face a new crop of problems and issues. Two of the largest and most important are the increase in inequality and the splintering and separation of transhumanity into many different clades.


When resleeving is combined with implants, transhumans can gain even more amazing capabilities—but these benefits are far from free.

Clades and Separation Edit

Transhumanity has splintered into a wide variety of subcultures, some of which are based upon an individual’s choice of morph.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Fall and its aftermath continues to be a major influence on transhuman culture and society.

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