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Skills are divided into Aptitudes and Learned Skills. Most, but not all, learned skills are built on and linked to an aptitude. If a character lacks the special skill needed in a situation, they may default to the linked aptitude. You may also choose to specialize in certain skills, reflecting an enhanced knowledge of a particular aspect of that skill.

Learned Skills[]

A player’s learned skills represent the acquired knowledge they carry with them from morph to morph.

Field Skills[]

Some learned skills are field skills, meaning that when this skill is chosen a particular field of emphasis must also be selected.

Psi Skills[]

Psi refers to the ability to perceive and manipulate biological minds via psi waves and/or other inexplicable phenomena.

Skill Specialization[]

Any character may opt to specialize in a given skill.

Skill Tests[]

Whenever a character wants to do something using a skill, they must succeed at a skill test. The difficulty of the action is applied as a modifier, as are any other extenuating circumstances that may affect the test.

Aptitude Only Tests[]

In rare cases, a test may call for using an Aptitude only, rather than a learned skill.

Skill Categories[]

Each learned skill is classified as either an Active skill or a Knowledge skill:

  • Active skills represent skills that typically require physical actions and are used in action scenes within game play.
  • Knowledge skills are more knowledge-based and intellectual, representing ideas and facts. Knowledge skills may play a less dramatic role in certain action-oriented game play moments, but they flesh out the character’s background and interests and are integral to roleplaying interactions.

Active and Knowledge skills are purchased separately during character creation. Active skills are further divided into Combat, Mental, Physical, Psi, Social, Technical, and Vehicle skills. Certain traits and abilities may apply to specific categories.

Skill List[]

Academics Skill: [Field] COG Knowledge
Animal Handling Skill SAV Active, Social
Art Skill: [Field] INT Knowledge
Beam Weapons Skill COO Active, Combat
Blades Skill SOM Active, Combat
Climbing Skill SOM Active, Physical
Clubs Skill SOM Active, Combat
Control Skill WIL (no defaulting) Active, Mental, Psi
Deception Skill SAV Active, Social
Demolitions Skill COG (no defaulting) Active, Technical
Disguise Skill INT Active, Physical
Exotic Melee Weapon Skill: [Field] SOM Active, Combat
Exotic Ranged Weapon Skill: [Field] COO Active, Combat
Flight Skill SOM Active, Physical
Fray Skill REF Active, Combat
Free Fall Skill REF Active, Physical
Freerunning Skill SOM Active, Physical
Gunnery Skill INT Active, Combat
Hardware Skill: [Field] COG Active, Technical
Impersonation Skill SAV Active, Social
Infiltration Skill COO Active, Physical
Infosec Skill COG (no defaulting) Active, Technical
Interest Skill: [Field] COG Knowledge
Interfacing Skill COG Active, Technical
Intimidation Skill SAV Active, Social
Investigation Skill INT Active, Mental
Kinesics Skill SAV Active, Social
Kinetic Weapons Skill COO Active, Combat
Language Skill: [Field] INT Knowledge
Medicine Skill: [Field] COG Active, Technical
Navigation Skill INT Active, Mental
Networking Skill: [Field] SAV Active, Social
Palming Skill COO Active, Physical
Perception Skill INT Active, Mental
Persuasion Skill SAV Active, Social
Pilot Skill: [Field] REF Active, Vehicle
Profession Skill: [Field] COG Knowledge
Programming Skill COG (no defaulting) Active, Technical
Protocol Skill SAV Active, Social
Psi Assault Skill WIL (no defaulting) Active, Mental, Psi
Psychosurgery Skill INT Active, Technical
Research Skill COG Active, Technical
Scrounging Skill INT Active, Mental
Seeker Weapons Skill COO Active, Combat
Sense Skill INT (no defaulting) Active, Mental, Psi
Spray Weapons Skill COO Active, Combat
Swimming Skill SOM Active, Physical
Throwing Weapons Skill COO Active, Combat
Unarmed Combat Skill SOM Active, Combat

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