Singularity seekers are those with an unhealthy fascination in so-called singularity events, such as the hard takeoff of the TITANs to super-intelligence. Some are part of a radical sect of “exhumans” who believe that transhumans are destined to become godlike superbeings and are determined to get there first. Others act on a defensive impulse, believing that the only way humanity can survive another threat from beings like the TITANs is by becoming as hyperintelligent as their enemies are. Still other singularity seekers are researchers and spiritual seekers who are frustrated with the limitations of their own minds and seek to become something greater. Some of these people become gatecrashers, searching for advanced alien artifacts to help them in their quest. Others experiment with employing conventional technologies in new and exotic ways, such as creating mentally linked networks of forks or incorporating extra-fast and powerful computers into synthmorphs and pods.

A few of the most daring seek artifacts left behind by the TITANs, hoping to incorporate techniques and technologies created by these inhuman beings into their minds. This last group is the most notorious, in large part because of the spectacular nature of some of their failures. On occasion, these artifact hunters have awakened devices that have lain dormant for a decade and caused local outbreaks of TITAN technologies. These incidents have caused many people to regard singularity seekers as everything from potentially dangerous eccentrics to unknowing pawns of the TITANs.

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