Description: Programming is your talent at writing and modifying software code.
Use: Use Programming to write new programs, modify or patch existing software, break copy protection, find or introduce exploitable flaws, write viruses or worms, design virtual settings, and so on. Programming is also applied when using nanofabrication devices.
Type: Active, Technical
Linked Aptitude: COG (no defaulting)
Specializations: AI Code, Malware, Nanofabrication, Piracy, Simulspace Code

Nanofabrication[edit | edit source]

Nanofabrication is use of Programming skill to create objects using a Cornucopia Machine, Fabber, or Maker. If you have appropriate blueprints and raw materials, most uses of a nanofabricator can be treated as a Simple Success Test. If you wish to create an item for which you do not have blueprints or the proper raw materials, however, or you wish to alter an item’s design, then a Nanofabrication Test is called for.
Specializations: Art, Clothing, Electronics, Food, Forgery, Weapons

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