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Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types. Unless otherwise noted, any bonuses from personal augmentations are both compatible and cumulative with bonuses from other enhancements.

Standard Augmentations[]

Most morphs produced in the solar system include the following augmentations.

Basic Biomods Basic biomods consists of a series of genetic tweaks, tailored virii, and bacteria that speed healing, greatly increase disease resistance, and impede aging.
Mesh Inserts The essential equipment to stay connected and make full use of the wireless mesh.
Cortical Stack A synthdiamond case the size of a grape that contains a digital backup of that character’s ego.
Cyberbrain Cybernetic brains are where the ego (or controlling AI) resides in Synthmorphs and Pods.


Bioware modifies the morph’s tissue or by externally growing the organ and implanting it to augment the morph. Bioware may be used to enhance Biomorphs (including Pods and Uplifts), but not Synthmorphs.


Very little cyberware is physically implanted. Instead, the morph is placed in a Healing Vat and the vat’s nanobots construct the cyberware inside the biomorph’s body. Cyberware is rarely used for anything that can be accomplished using Bioware. Synthmorphs and bots may also also use Cyberware.


All augmentation nanoware is advanced Nanotechnology consisting of a grape-sized nanobot generator that produces specialized nanomachines.

Cosmetic Mods[]

In an age of universal beauty, artistic cosmetic modification of your body is commonly pursued by many transhumans. Body mods once considered dangerous or edgy are now safe and commonplace, especially among factions like the anarchists, scum, or brinkers.

Robotic Enhancements[]

These enhancements improve Robots and Synthmorphs, but are not available to Biomorphs.

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