Description: All of the powered devices in Eclipse Phase require electricity to function. With rare exceptions, most of them rely on either solar cells or powerful batteries. These batteries are high-density, room-temperature superconductors with 25 times the capacity of the best batteries in common use in the early 21st century.

Such batteries may also be constructed so that they are flexible, printed on devices, or woven into fabric. They are good for 100–500 hours of use, and will alert the user when they start running low. More powerful radio-isotope nuclear batteries are also available, heavily shielded so they do not emit radiation and good for 3 years or more of use.

In short, power should rarely be an issue in Eclipse Phase games, unless it happens to fit the plot. Power failure could also result from a critical failure roll.

Beam Weapons are equipped with both a standard and nuclear battery. The standard battery is good for the listed number of shots before it is depleted. The nuclear battery will recharge the standard battery completely in 5 hours. Standard batteries may be swapped out with a Simple Action.

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