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Description: You can never forget an elephant when it comes to an Uplift. These massive creatures were once uplifted before, but not a single specimen is known to have survived the Fall. Documents recovered from a Reclaimer mission to Earth led to the rediscovery of this unique species of Uplift.
With actual data on hand, hypercorps were able to easily recreate the Elephas/Loxodontes Sapiens germline, but remaking this uplift was not without its challenges. The main issue was the creature's overall size; Many habitats are not designed to actually house an uplift so massive and ponderous in nature, not to mention the biological demands of such a large biomorph. These problems were overcome by reducing the elephant's mass, and splicing in certain genes (gorilla in particular) to both increase their mobility and allow for a degree of prehensility, essentially allowing them to walk on their knuckles and manipulate objects with their forelimbs.
The Neo-Elephant will normally walk and interact with the environment while on all four limbs, and can use their trunk as an extra limb. They normally stand about 2.5 meters tall in this posture. The Neo-Elephant can rise up on its hind feet as well, reaching almost 3.8 meters on average. It can lift a great deal more than a standard biomorph due to its inherent strength, and does not lack in agility due to its size, but it does make it an easier target to hit. It's common to see these biomorphs made into walking artillery platforms.

Implants Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Prehensile Trunk (Counts as Prehensile Tail), Tusks (Counts as Bioware Claws without being able to retract), Temperature Tolerance, Direction Sense, Enhanced Hearing, Eidetic Memory
Aptitude Maximum 30 (40 for SOM)
Durability 70
Wound Threshold 10
Advantages +5 COG, +5 INT, +10 SOM,
CP Cost 50
Credit Cost
[ Expensive ]
(Minimum 30,000+)
Disadvantages Large target (+10 to hit in combat)

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