00 No exposure or familiarity, completely unskilled.
10 Very rudimentary knowledge
20 Basic operator’s proficiency (driver’s license, gun permit, high school diploma)
30 Hands-on experience, some professional training
40 Basic professional certification (police driving, army rifle certified, college diploma)
50 Experience from professional-level work, some advanced level training
60 Expert competence(competitive driver, marksman, PhD)
70 Experience from expert-level work, has had unique innovations or insights
80 Worthy of being a system-renowned authority on the subject
90 Nobel/Olympic/Grandmaster
99 Pinnacle of current understanding and innovation

A player’s learned skills are the most important part of their character, representing the acquired knowledge they carry with them from morph to morph, knowledge that plays a fundamental role in helping define the person’s ego. Learned skills encompass nearly any skill that you might need to use in Eclipse Phase, and they range in value from 0 to 99.
All learned skills have a linked Aptitude that is used to calculate their initial value, and which is also defaulted to if the player does not have that particular skill.

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