"Description:' Want to ooze sexy like a pleasure morph on a hot tin roof? For those desiring that slinky je-ne-sais-quoi, Hither is the tool. Hither is a clear, slippery gel, sometimes with a faint, musky, floral scent. Hither is applied to parts of the body with large concentrations of sweat glands, where the skin quickly absorbs it. Hither is a mild euphoriant, imparting a feeling of confidence and you-know-youwant-it-ness to the user. It also stimulates abundant production of lust pheromones. The character gains a +10 bonus on Persuasion Skill Tests against targets who are possible to seduce. At the gamemaster’s discretion, this extends to Deception Skill, Impersonate Skill, and Networking Skill Tests.

Type Biological
Application: Dermal
Addiction Type: Physical
Onset Time 1 Minute
Duration 6 Hours
Addiction modifier -10
[ Low ]

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