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Description: This skill encompasses the ability to build, repair, physically hack, and upgrade equipment of a specific type.
Use: Hardware is primarily used to repair devices, vehicles, habitat systems, or synthetic morphs.


Creating an item from scratch is handled as a Task Action with a timeframe determined by the gamemaster. The timeframe should be set according to the complexity of the object and could range from an hour (constructing a set of shelves) to days (assembling a robot from spare parts) or even months (building a house). Numerous factors may apply modifiers to the test, such as the use of entoptic blueprints/help manuals (+20) or poor working conditions (–10 to –30). Tools are also a factor, perhaps making the job easier (superior tools +10 to +30), more difficult (poor or inadequate tools, –10 to –30), or even impossible (lack of required tools).


Damaged items may be repaired in a similar manner.


Altering an object’s design and function follows the same basic rules as build and repair, above. The timeframe is Determined by the gamemaster as appropriate to the modification.

Type: Field, Active, Technical
Linked Aptitude: COG
Sample Fields: Aerospace (all air and space vehicles), Armorer (armor and weapons), Electronics (all computerized devices), Groundcraft, Implants, Industrial (habitat, factory, and life support systems), Nautical (watercraft and submarines), Robotics (synthetic morphs)
Specializations: As appropriate to the field

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