On occasion, you’ll need to know how small or large a certain piece of equipment is. Though this is largely something the gamemaster can wing on the fly using common sense, we’ve listed sizes for many gear items that are unusual or so futuristic that the average player may not have a feel for what dimensions the tech likely is. These size categories are listed below. These sizes should be considered approximations, as depending on the manufacturer and process, some items may be smaller or larger than similar items. It is also important to keep in mind that as technology advances, the size and components of various equipment items shrink, so when in doubt, go with smaller.

Size Category Descripion
Nano So small that the item cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope or Nanoscopic Vision, and may not be manipulated without Fractal Digits or similar tools.
Micro Anything ranging from the size of a barely visible small dot to an average insect.
Mini Mini items may be concealed within someone’s palm or small pockets.
Small Small items may be held in one hand and concealed in normal pockets.
Medium Medium size items are cumbersome to hold with one hand, ranging from the size of a 2-liter bottle to the size of a medium dog. They do not fit in pockets, but they may be concealed by larger coverings.
Large Roughly human-sized.
Huge Vehicles and other more massive objects.
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