The accelerated technological levels of Eclipse Phase enable a number of devices for personal enhancement, survival, and other uses.

Equipment Rules[edit | edit source]

A large amount suggested rules to apply to all technological items in Eclipse Phase. This ranges from design, use, function, and materials they are made out of.

Meshed Gear[edit | edit source]

Almost all technology in Eclipse Phase is designed to be operated via radio signals from the user’s basic implant, although models usable by characters without basic implants are also available. In addition all devices contain a nearly microscopic computer and radio link (known as a “voice”) that allows the user to easily locate the object and that reports on the condition of the object or device, how to properly use and care for it, as well as telling the user when it needs to be repaired and how. Most are discrete and highly useful, but cheaply made goods sometimes have overly annoying voices.

This means that almost all devices can be accessed via the mesh or directly if within radio range. This makes them vulnerable to hacking and intrusion attempts (p. 254) as well as Radio Jamming. Many devices are, however, publicly accessible (see Spimes, p. 238). Meshed gear may also be tracked through the Mesh. For privacy and security, these devices are often slaved to other systems; devices worn/carried by characters are usually made part of the personal area network and slaved to the character’s Mesh Inserts/Ecto.

Many devices come equipped with AIs, who are equipped with Skillsofts that enable them to operate the device on their own, as according to voiced instructions or commands issued through the net.

Personal Augmentation[edit | edit source]

Cyberware or even Bioware augmentations that improve a Character's physical attributes.

Communications[edit | edit source]

The oldest and most widespread communications technology still in regular use is radio. Every habitat and world inhabited by transhumanity is awash in radio traffic, with humans, machines, and uplifts all constantly communicating with one another.

Covert and Espionage Tech[edit | edit source]

Technology used for infiltration, spying, and breaking into places you shouldn't be.

Drugs, Chemicals, and Toxins[edit | edit source]

Mind altering, body altering, environment altering compounds with a wide array of effects.

Everyday Technology[edit | edit source]

Fabber? Check. Spatula? Check. Washing Machine? Check. A listing of the common tools for everyday and some more specific parts of life.

Nanotechnology[edit | edit source]

Wonderous technology that works amazing tasks that range from building to keeping a room secure, but much smaller than the eye can see.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Scavenger Tech[edit | edit source]

Software[edit | edit source]

Survival Gear[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

A large assortment of deadly tools used for Fixing problems.

Robots and Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Robots and vehicles used in everyday Transhuman life.

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