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Description: Galvinized Force Smart Bear or Giant Freaking Space Bear as it is more commonly known is an attempt at creating a combat heavy morph with a heavy intimidation factor. Originally these beasts were planned for uplift, but trying to overcome some of the more instinctual needs of a bear, honey, fishing, gathering, proved difficult. Developers did not want to waste much of their R&D and turned this creature into a Pod. Using a Cyberbrain instead of trying to uplift the creature led to making the GFSB a massive guard dog like creature. These bears are quite imposing over many smart animals and the additional modifications done to the bear allowed for a variety of weapons to be mounted to the body. Their great size was a valuable asset allowing large heavy weapons to be mounted on their sides. Some people have prefered to use this morph as a tool of combat and Cortical Stacks were added to them. The GFSB is a unique addition to the pod line of Morphs.

Implants Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Bioware Claws, Cyberbrain, Puppet Sock, Ghostrider Module, Enhanced Smell (Cyberware), Enhanced Vision (Cyberware), Adrenal Boost, Bioweave Armor (Heavy), Chameleon Skin, Cyberclaws, Clean Metabolism, Drug Glands BringIt, Muscle Augmentation, Hardened Skeleton, Oxygen Reserve, Temperature Tolerance, Vacuum Sealing, Weapon Mountx2 (Mounted to the sides of the bear)
Aptitude Maximum 30 (40 for SOM)
Durability 90
Wound Threshold 12
CP Cost 100
Credit Cost
[ Expensive ]
(Minimum 50,000+)
Disadvantages Large target (+10 to hit in combat)

This was originally created by Flarebringer via this post

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