Mental augmentations increase the functionality and overall power of the Transhuman brain.

Name Description Cost
Access Jacks This implant is an external socket with a direct neural interface.
[ Low ]
Dead Switch This Cortical Stack accessory is designed to keep the stack from falling into the wrong hands.
[ Low ]
Emergency Farcaster The morph has an implanted Quantum Farcaster linked to a highly secure storage facility.
[ Expensive ]
Ghostrider Module This implant allows the character to carry another infomorph inside their head.
[ Low ]
Mnemonic Augmentation Allows access digital recordings of all of the sensory data they have experienced.
[ Low ]
Multi-Tasking An advanced computer uses to create several simultaneous short-term forks.
[ High ]
Puppet Sock This implanted computer allows the biomorph’s body to be controlled by another character.
[ Moderate ]

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