Description: This loose, poncho-like cloak contains a network of sensors that perceive wavelengths from microwave to ultra-violet. A similar network of miniature emitters precisely replicate the information its sensors receive, making the wearer seem transparent to those wavelengths. A chameleon cloak allows a character to effectively become invisible as long as they are stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk. When worn by someone moving faster, the cloak still provides a +30 modifier to Infiltration Skill Tests to avoid being seen or noticed. Chameleon cloaks are not effective against radar, x-ray, or gamma-ray sensors. They do hide the character from thermal infrared, however, by absorbing the character’s body heat into its heat sink. The cloak can only absorb a character’s body heat for one hour before it must emit this heat. Heat emission also requires one hour, during which time the character is easily visible in the thermal infrared spectrum.

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