Description: In some respects more a social than a combat drug, BringIt stimulates massive bursts of aggression pheromones designed to make the user the center of attention in a fight. In combat, opponents within 3 meters of the character not already in unarmed or melee combat with another character must pass a WIL × 3 Test or attack the character using BringIt. The nature of airborne pheromones is imprecise, however, so if the character using BringIt is within 1 meter of another character hostile to the character affected, the affected character may opt to attack the proximate character instead of the BringIt user. Characters using this drug suffer a –20 modifier on social skill tests.

Type Biological
Application: Oral, Inhalation, Injection
Addiction Type: Physical
Onset Time 1 Minute
Duration 15 Mminutes
Addiction modifier +10
[ Low ]

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