Aptitudes represent inherent skills and abilities acquired at birth or during the course of growing up. Aptitudes are sometimes used for tests, but their primary use is determining the starting point at which learned skills are developed. Aptitudes determine the starting value of their linked skills. For example, a character with Somatics aptitude 10 who wishes to purchase points in the Freerunning Skill (which is linked to Somatics) would start with a Freerunning rank of 10 and then buy additionally points in that skill. Aptitudes are also used when a character doesn’t posses knowledge of a needed skill. Aptitudes represent the basic knowledge that a character has acquired regarding rudimentary use of that skill. They may not have ever received any formal training with the skill, but they can still attempt to use it.
Aptitudes range in value from 1 to 30, with 10 being the unaugmented human average and 15 representing the average of most genetically modified transhumans. Since aptitudes represent untrained ability, they are capped at a maximum rating of 30. There are seven different aptitudes that all players possess. These aptitudes are purchased during character creation, but depending on the morph the character is currently inhabiting, they may find their aptitudes capped by the quality of the morph.

Aptitude Shorthand Description
Cognition (COG) Your aptitude for problem-solving, logical analysis, and understanding. It also includes memory and recall.
Coordination (COO) Your skill at integrating the actions of different parts of your morph to produce smooth, successful movements. It includes manual dexterity, fine motor control, nimbleness, and balance.
Intuition (INT) Your skill at following your gut instincts and evaluating on the fly. It includes physical awareness, cleverness, and cunning.
Reflexes (REF) Your skill at acting quickly. This encompasses your reaction time, your gut-level response, and your ability to think fast.
Savvy (SAV) Your mental adaptability, social intuition, and proficiency for interacting with others. It includes social awareness and manipulation.
Somatics (SOM) Your skill at pushing your morph to the best of its physical ability, including the fundamental utilization of the morph’s strength, endurance, and sustained positioning and motion.
Willpower (WIL) Your skill for self-control, your ability to command your own destiny.

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